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Extraordinary Books: Schuyler’s Monster

I hesitate to review authors on their literary technique; it would be akin to me critiquing igloo architecture. However, I will address content within the books I post on Nobody’s Normal. I recently finished “Schuyler’s Monster: A Father’s Journey with his … Continue reading

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Robert Rummel-Hudson, Speaking of Normal

“I don’t care what’s wrong with her,” she said. “If she can’t behave like a normal kid then she shouldn’t be out in public with the rest of us. Maybe you should have her institutionalized if she can’t do any … Continue reading

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Trying to be Normal

Have you ever tried to fit in? I have, and it didn’t go well. The setting was Blue Ridge Elementary School in Augusta, GA. It was about 1988 and I was a fifth grader desperate to be cool. The cool kids wore … Continue reading

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