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How we remodeled our bathroom to make it accessible.

We moved into our current home in the spring of 2012 and knew we would like to make some improvements for accessibility. The first thing we did, and anytime I say “we” I mean hired pros to do it for … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Books: The Bryson City Series

This collection of books are some of my all-time favorites. Partly because they are written well, partly because they’re full of rich characters and pleasant stories, but mostly because of how much these books resonated with me and how I came upon … Continue reading

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I don’t know what to do

This commercial got my attention. Watch the little boy at the 20 second mark very closely… Amazing, isn’t he? I’d seen that commercial four or five times before I noticed his remarkable ability. Later on we were watching the swimming … Continue reading

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What if it had been me?

My family was just settling into a pre-dinner swim at Nana and Pa-G’s neighborhood pool. I’d spent the last few hours toiling like Adam in the back yard, and sat on a submerged bench with Caedmon in my lap. A … Continue reading

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Living with Cerebral Palsy: Mario Kart & Power Steering

Since its inception in 1992, I’ve been a fan and master of Mario Kart. I won championships on the Super Nintendo, shattered records on the N64, and continue to take checkered flags on the Wii. I’ve always been a Yoshi guy in … Continue reading

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“There are times when our hope despairs; these are the times our despair must learn to hope.” – Martin Luther The following is an attempt to work out my thoughts and feelings through poetry. I’m not exactly sure what qualifies … Continue reading

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Trying to be Normal

Have you ever tried to fit in? I have, and it didn’t go well. The setting was Blue Ridge Elementary School in Augusta, GA. It was about 1988 and I was a fifth grader desperate to be cool. The cool kids wore … Continue reading

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If love is patient…

The Bible teaches that Love is patient. Have you ever turned everything off and pondered that idea? The question is one of irony. The reason many of us have never pondered the idea, is many of us are reluctant to … Continue reading

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The Journey, First Overlook: Notice

When I finished reading The Power of the Powerless I had a strange vision. I saw our crazy world, full of wars and conflicts, full of competition and ambition, full of heroes and stars, full of success stories, horror stories, … Continue reading

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Brotherly Love

Upon reading the post where I mentioned him, Brent Pease reached out to me. He has a brother with Cerebral Palsy and they are competing in a triathlon together. I love what I see in them. Three brothers who are … Continue reading

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