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My name’s Ryan and Caedmon’s my son. He’s the oldest of four boys and my wife is currently carrying our fifth child; we’re due in August.

This particular blog was inspired by the fact that Caedmon has Cerebral Palsy and his diagnosis required us to rethink what “normal” was all about. When I realized how ignorant I was, how blissfully and arrogantly ignorant, I wanted to share my journey out of that numbing ignorance with anyone who would be interested. Nobody’s Normal was born.

I have two other blogs I write as well: Discovering Writing and RyanSprague.com. DW is where I share what I’m learning about the craft of writing and art of story.  Ryansprague.com is my internet home and the place to buy my booksbook me to speak to your group, and followmy other blog – primarily about a Biblical view of the world, especially as it relates to the family and home.

Thanks for dropping in!


8 Responses to About Me

  1. Mr. Sprague,
    My name is Andrew Littlefield, I’m a senior music therapy major at FSU. In about 2 weeks I’ll begin a 7 month internship with the Fulton County Schools special education program in Atlanta, GA.

    A while back, I stumbled across your twitter account and as a result found your blog “Nobody’s Normal.” I have been very interested in reading about your son’s therapy, his progression, and your thoughts on the process.

    As a music therapy intern in the school system, I’ll be working with a wide variety of students, including students with Cerebral Palsy. As part of my internship, I’ll be maintaining a blog to document my experiences (mtiintheatl.com). I haven’t officially launched the blog yet, but plan on putting up my first post on Thursday.

    I wanted to email you and request a brief interview with you for my blog. I’d be very interested in hearing some of your thoughts and experiences about having a son with Cerebral Palsy and learning more about his therapy.

    I understand you are very busy, especially with your book coming out (which, as a HUGE Florida State fan, I very much look forward to reading), so I thank you very much for taking the time to read this. Your input would be a huge boost for my project.

    I can be reached at adlittlefield@gmail.com. Thanks again for your time!

    -Andrew Littlefield

  2. Kevin TheDADvocate says:


    I read about your book over on Chris Singers blog. You sister left a comment about your son having CP and user you got into blogging much the Same way i did. My oldest daughter has CP. As a result of my blogging I got involved with a nonprofit here in Atlanta called Let’s Cure CP. Id love to talk with you more about it.


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  4. Judee says:

    I learned nobody’s normal a long tme ago when I worked with autistic children. In spite of their generic similarities, I learned to love them as individuals, and saw that even those without words could teach me many things. Blessings in disguise.

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  6. Stacy says:

    We adopted a little eight year old boy with CP in November. Your blog said all I have wanted to scream from the rooftop. My boy isn’t normal he is exceptional. His joy and live of life is extreme and he makes our lives better. God is very good!

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