Fowl Friday

5:45 – Alarm went off, hit snooze.
6:00 – Shower
6:20 – Researched rescuing a fried hard drive
6:30 – Researched computer technicians in Tallahassee
7:00 – Caught a ride to pick up the Party Bus
7:35 – Learned the Party Bus is still broken
7:45 – Schedule computer tech. to pick up the broken laptop
8:00 – Back to the house
8:40 – Chick-fil-a, Cow Appreciation Day, meal number 1… in the rain
9:20 – Leve for my 9:30 appointment
9:21 – Begin Superman impression as I change from Mr. Incredi-Bull to Reporter Ryan
9:30 – Receive “are you close?” text.
9:40 – Arrive at Doak Campbell
9:42 – Meet Bjeorn Werner, find out he’d been there since 9:17
9:44 – Begin interview
9:45 – Discover that my recorder isn’t working
9:46 – Continue interview, taking notes by hand… kicking it old school.
10:30 -Visit friends around the athletic offices
11:40 – Head to Chick-fil-a Cow appreciation Day, meal 2
12:40 – Get interviewed on WCTV
1:10 – Take Caedmon to his 1:00 Therasuit appointment
1:40 – Back to Chick-fil-a to pick up the family and learn the two boys had diaper blowouts
1:50 – Stop to pick up a dozen crickets for Chebra… as Mr. Incredi-Bull… learn crickets will pick Chebra’s eyes out if left alone
1:55 – Receive sales pitch for a pac-man frog… and 2 bearded dragons… and an aquarium. She reminded me of the cranberry salesman.
2:00 – Head to the house
2:01 – Receive a call that Mr. Computer Tech. is waiting at the house
2:15 – Give broken computer to the tech… sans hope
2:16 – Accidentally drop all 12 crickets into Chebra’s tank… fear the boys reaction to their blinded Leopard Gecko
2:17 – Retrieve 9 crickets from their certain death… to save them for a later death
2:18 – Schedule Party Bus repair appointment for Monday morning
2:10 – Begin reading a little Sherlock Holmes
2:40 – Nap
4:30 – Read article on Miracle Sports
4:35 – Tweet and facebook the article
5:00 – Begin costume prep for Chick-fil-a meal #3
6:00 – Leave to pick up Caedmon from his appointment… that ended at 6:00
6:50 – Chick-fil-a Cow Appreciation Day, meal #3
7:20 – Invite friends to watch a movie at the coop
8:00 – Leave Chick-fil-a, text friends with the 411
8:19 – Stop to rent movie
8:20 – Receive “looks like we beat you home” text
8:30 – Cookies and Cream milkshakes
9:15 – Start getting the boys in bed for their campout
9:37 – Begin movie
9:38 – find out Phillies tied the Braves at 1, whine about Derek Lowe
9:39 – Learn Beachy’s actually pitching, feel better
9:42 – Toby escapes the bedroom, previews pause
9:43 – Restart the previews
9:58 – Discover I rented a French film… Zut Alors!
9:58:30 – Eject French film
10:00 – Switch to Finding Neverland (Great story)
11:39 – Movie over
11:50 – friends go home
12:01 – See the Braves lose on a walk-off home run in extra innings, 3-2
12:25 – Sit down to write this blog
12:42 – Finish
12:45 – Bed

About ryan85

A son, a brother, a husband, a father of eight, and a friend. A follower of Jesus Christ. A fan of the Seminoles and all teams Atlanta. I write, I read, and teach when I can. I prefer red pens. I'm easily distracted. I've lived in Augusta, GA, northern Minnesota, the beautiful western NC mountains, and Tallahassee, FL - Go 'Noles. I played football for FSU, was on the national championship team in 1999, and took a few snaps with the Pittsburgh Steelers. My favorite colors are fluorescent yellow, and Garnet & Gold. I drive a minivan and think it's cool.
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3 Responses to Fowl Friday

  1. susan sprague says:

    Love the caped crusaders costumes!!

  2. kanani says:

    I think you meant “Fowl” Friday, didn’t you?

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