Pizza Manifesto (the reason I write)

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About ryan85

A son, a brother, a husband, a father of eight, and a friend. A follower of Jesus Christ. A fan of the Seminoles and all teams Atlanta. I write, I read, and teach when I can. I prefer red pens. I'm easily distracted. I've lived in Augusta, GA, northern Minnesota, the beautiful western NC mountains, and Tallahassee, FL - Go 'Noles. I played football for FSU, was on the national championship team in 1999, and took a few snaps with the Pittsburgh Steelers. My favorite colors are fluorescent yellow, and Garnet & Gold. I drive a minivan and think it's cool.
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4 Responses to Pizza Manifesto (the reason I write)

  1. Cassidy C. says:

    This inspired me today 🙂

  2. Brampup says:

    Between the “Just pick it off.” in your Blog and the All-Anchovy Alliteration Addendum there is nothing left to eat but the crust. Maybe there is lesson in that.

    • I wouldn’t necessarily pick all those things off, just offering them as suggestions the next time others are searching for the right words when then need to terminate a topping.

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